Please treat the property of the holiday house prudently. In case of misuse of the property of the Holiday House ( destruction, damage, loss of property, etc.), you are obligated to compensate the property damage caused to us.


1. The right to use the holiday house starts on the day of your arrival from 15:00, provided that you have paid the rental amount and the deposit to us in advance. Please vacate the rooms no later than 12:00 on the day of departure.


2. In Trepimäe holiday house and territory, the tenant MUST:

2.1. comply with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, the legal requirements and orders of the police and / or the lessor's representative. In case of non-compliance with this clause, the lessor's representative has the right to send the tenant and / or third parties accompanying from the territory of the holiday home, terminating the contract with them and demand payment from them for the days actually used by the holiday home.

2.2. pay for all broken or damaged items (dishes, chairs, furniture, doors, etc.) at twice the value of the broken property;

2.3. maintain cleanliness and order, including cleaning up the premises and territory, incl. cleaning up your pet's feces;

2.4. use the premises, furniture, dishes of the holiday house according to the intended use;

2.5. to consume food and drinks on the first floor of the holiday house in the premises provided for that purpose (not to take them to the second floor);

2.6. wash used dishes before leaving;

2.7. to hand over the premises in an orderly manner prior to the use of the premises and to allow the lessor or his or her authorized representative to inspect the premises before leaving the territory of the tenant's holiday house;

2.8. lock windows and doors when leaving the building.


3. It is PROHIBITED in Trepimäe Holiday House and territory:

3.1. carry cold and firearms and other objects dangerous to others and to oneself, pyrotechnic devices, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. The Lessor's representative has the right to decide on the danger of the above-mentioned objects and not mentioned in these Rules and not to allow entry of the holiday house;

3.2. any activity that disturbs others and endangers oneself and others. In order to prevent these activities, the lessor's representative has the right to summon the disturber and / or the person causing danger and / or send them away from the Trepimäe holiday house and / or territory.

3.3. smoking, except in a specially designated place (by the grill);

3.4. littering (trash, cigarett butts etc.)

3.5. leaving the heating sauna stove unattended;

3.6. fireplace cooking-grilling, burning papers, packaging

3.7. dropping any objects and / or throwing them at anyone,

demolition or damage to a building, furniture, furnishings, claim, etc .;

3.8. satisfying the needs of the body (incl. vomiting) in a place not intended for that purpose,

3.9. driving cars and parking them on the lawn.


4. Pets are not allowed on the second floor (including the stairs).


5. If the event goes out of control, vandalism, disorderly conduct or other such activity occurs the lessor's representative have the right to terminate the event immediately without refund and to recover compensation from the tenants due to damage caused by such activity.


6. Deposit and its return

6.1. The deposit will be returned to the lessee at the end of the rental period within 2 working days if the rules have been followed during the use of Trepimäe Holiday House and the damage caused has been compensated in case of possible damage.

6.2. Up to € 130 will be withheld from the deposit paid by the lessee if clauses 3.1 - 3.9 of these rules have been violated, except for the holders of a legal weapons permit provided for in clause 3.1 of the rules.

6.3. If the amount of the security to be withheld exceeds the actual deposit, the lessee is obliged to pay to the lessor's representative, in addition to the deposit, the amount between the deposit to be withheld and the deposit actually paid.

6.4. If the deposit has not been paid, but damage has been caused, the lessor's representative has the right to demand compensation in the amount specified in these rules.


7. There is no swimming place on the territory of Trepimäe Holiday House. Visitors can use the public  swimming beach of Trepimäe puhkeala, Hiie Talu OÜ is not responsible for swimming places outside the territory, etc. for safety.



Have a nice vacation!

Trepimäe Holiday House